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Do you live in a closed system or an open system? A couple of my clients have been encouraging me in their display of generosity and trust in God. They live in an open system and are watching God show Himself faithful.

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Money and morality don’t mix well. That’s why for the most part I dismiss so called ethical mutual funds as a sales gimmick. To qualify for socially responsible investing a company must respect environmental and labour standards, while not deriving its revenues from tobacco, alcohol, gambling, military weaponry or nuclear power. It helps too if it promotes human rights, diversity, housing, charity and education. Screening against moral pollution such as pornography and homosexuality (the current political hot button) is rare. 

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This is the last in a series on wealth and the Christian. First we saw that having wealth is not a sin; it is the love of wealth that God forbids. Then we saw that the prosperity gospel is a well-packaged but dangerous decoy that lures believers into forfeiting eternal treasures for short-term worldly wealth. 

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