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Each of us has to ask ourselves a very important question. I alluded to it in the August and again in October. Am I living in a closed system or an open system? Now what on earth does that mean? 

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Years before I became an accountant I wanted to become a nuclear physicist. Image that - what a switch! I loved science. I wanted to know how and why things worked. In high school I majored in science and won the science award. Then I came to know the Creator of it all, that is, the Lord Jesus Christ. When I came to know Him and understood His incredible love and wisdom I was blown away and humbled. I decided it was more important to know the Creator than to scrutinize the creation. I decided to study administration (MBA) and accounting (CMA) so that I could have a flexible career. However, I always kept an interest in science, especially physics and astronomy. Have you noticed what has been happening recently in the scientific community? 

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Right now Alberta is rolling in money. We have never had it so good – financially. What should we do? Let’s take a lesson from the seven years of plenty and the seven years of famine described in Genesis 41. God gave Joseph the wisdom to recognize that conditions would not always be like this and to prepare for hard times ahead. 

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