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 Keep taxes low

We believe that big government and red tape kill the entrepreneurial spirit.
Don't become obsessed with tax reduction lest it cloud your economic judgement.
However let's remember - well managed money in the private sector helps society more.

We help our clients to reduce their taxes

Sometimes it's as simple as making investments into a tax deductible Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP). This can reduce income taxes almost immediately.

At other times it can be a complex process that lowers taxes paid in future years.

We prepare income tax filing for selected clients and give them advice so that they can legally minimize their tax bill.

The Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is family friendly tax strategy.  Use it to get a government grant, the Canadian Educations Scholarship Grant (CESG), and to have your funds grow tax sheltered until your child uses it for post-secondary education. 

In some provinces such as Alberta, estate or probate taxes are not a major concern but in other provinces such as Ontario and BC they can devour an inheritance. Estate issues need careful tax planning.

Job changes are frequent these days and sometimes this involves assuming responsibility for your own pension fund. This is our speciality.

Tax planning with corporations can get complicated quickly. We consult tax lawyers when necessary on behalf of our clients to get the optimal results.