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 Managing the Risk of Loss

We help indiviuduals and groups with all their personal insurance needs.
We have access to the largest independent brokerage in Western Canada.

Insurance is a financial tool.  It can be used or abused.

Make sure you have the right amount and type of insurance for your specific situation. 

We sell the following kinds of insurance.

  • Life Insurance (Term, Universal, Whole)
  • Critical Illness  Disability  Long Term Care
  • Investment Insurance (Segregated Funds)

We are especially keen on insurance for key business executives. Personal insurance fits well in a business that must carry on its operations despite the death, illness or disability of key employees. Personal insurance on key personnel is good business planning.

What’s better - term life, whole life or universal life?  That’s a little like asking the question,  What’s better a cab, a car or a pickup truck?  Different vehicles suit different conditions and purposes.

We are connected with general insurance carriers that deal with home vehicle and all types of specialty insurance.

Over insurance is a waste of your money.  Under insurance risks asset loss.