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 Why Work With Us?

Financial Foundations Limited ... building lasting prosperity since 1995 

Why Work With Us?

We like to keep things simple. We avoid financial complexity. We understand it takes work to achieve lasting results—results that include satisfaction. We believe that money matters, but people count.

We are independent. Working with Portfolio Strategies Corp (PSC) and PPI (Prairie Pacific Insurance) Solutions we invest through banks and mutual fund corporations, giving our clients access to a very wide range of products to weather ever-changing markets. And regardless of market conditions, we're available for all kinds of financial coaching and counsel. For example, we can help you determine whether to rent or buy; when to take the Canada Pension; how to optimize your Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP); assist you with personal budgeting, estate planning, and teaching the next generation how to manage money.

We are conservative. We believe that the great truths are too important to be new and too powerful (indeed too dangerous) to ignore. We set our moral compass using Wisdom with Wealth, click on the logo below to visit.



Our Mission Statement: Building Lasting Prosperity

Building. It takes time. We don't use win-the-lottery strategies, but instead believe a strong foundation requires deliberate work, involving wisdom, knowledge, planning, and perspiration. It's a step-by-step process. The journey of a thousand miles doesn't start with the first step, but with a good map. Only then can a journey be successful.

Lasting. It means enduring. Time is not on our side. Some say time is money, but we believe that time is worth more than money; ask anyone who is rich and old. True wealth doesn't evaporate during hostile market conditions.

Prosperity. It's more than wealth. A person may be rich, but not prosperous—they can feel unsatisfied with their money. Bernie Madoff, for example, in his relentless pursuit of wealth, demonstrated the reality of this financial law: He who loves wealth will not be satisfied with it. Prosperity is both a gift and an achievement.

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We serve Canadian residents primarily, but not exclusively.