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 Portfolio Strategies Corporation

Our investments are placed through Portfolio Strategies Corporation, a Calgary-based investment firm with offices across Canada. The firm and its associate companies manage over $2.2 billion of assets, for over 30,000 clients.

We help our clients reduce and manage investment risk

At Portfolio Strategies we believe that the biggest risk that clients face is failure to meet their long-term financial goals. Starting with a fundamental belief in Modern Portfolio Theory, we endeavor to provide our advisors with those products and services that will help clients reduce and manage investment risk. We provide financial planning and investment advice, offering a high level of personal service to our clients. We develop long-term relationships with our clients, so that together we can achieve our clients' investment goals. Our investment policy tends to be conservative, with a long-term outlook.

We believe that the fundamental truths of investment success remain constant.

We are totally independent and offer the professional money management services of more than 80 investment management firms. We also offer government bonds, strip bonds, mortgage-backed securities, flow-through shares, and GIC's, when appropriate for our clients' needs. In this ever changing world of investment management theory and product we believe that the fundamental truths of investment success remain constant; discipline, rationality, and a process based on client reality, not market circumstance.

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