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She brutally murdered her roommate and then dismembered the corpse. He defrauded a Calgary charity for autistic children of $96,000. In another case a mother of four with no criminal record stole $350,000 from her employer. Why? 

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When does God get most prayers coming his way? That’s easy – the day before the lottery. Now I suppose that some prayer is better than no prayer, but we need to remember that the Lord told us how to pray long before lotteries came along. As a matter of fact, our Heavenly Father is rich enough to give everyone reading this article much more than the recent 649 $54million lottery and still have ten times as much for those who don’t read this article. 

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Each of us has to ask ourselves a very important question. I alluded to it in the August and again in October. Am I living in a closed system or an open system? Now what on earth does that mean? 

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